Sunday, October 11, 2015

Leading Development Teams on Large Projects

At my company, I am the Lead Software Engineer. In addition to leading my team as a whole, I also lead multiple smaller teams broken out by projects. The projects that we are working on right now are very large. One project is running into its second year. The challenge with running large projects is how to keep everyone on track while keeping them motivated to charge ahead. Through this series of articles, I’ll discuss three tools to help successfully lead a development team on large projects with the result that teams bond together and continue to deliver solid software:

2.       Assign a “Number 1”

Finally, I’ll talk a little about being a woman in aleadership role and the challenges it presents. Know, though, that these tips are for anyone, not just women. Good leadership goes beyond gender, but I do think it takes a little effort to help others believe that too sometimes.
I started writing this article with the intention of keeping it all together for one post, but quickly realized there was a lot to say. Therefore, I broke up this article into smaller bite-sized pieces and will release them over the next few days so that it’s easier to stay focused.
Start with the first article, the 15-Minute Daily Stand-UpMeeting.

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