Sunday, June 7, 2015

Change Farm Account on Dev Box

Below are the steps to change the SharePoint farm account on your development server to a local user.

Start by creating a local user on your server.

Add New User
Open Computer management on your server. Go to Users and Groups. Under Users > Actions > Add new user

Add User as Local Administrator
Under Groups > Administrators > Add
Type <computer name>\spfarm and check names. OK. Apply. OK. (use a password you’ll remember)
Update Additional Security Groups
Add permissions as below:
  • WSS_WPG – add the new farm account
  • WSS_ADMIN_WPG – add the new farm account

Add Yourself as a Farm Administrator
In Central Admin > Security > Manage the farm administrators group
Make sure your name is listed. If not, add it.
Add Local Account as Managed Account
Right click on SharePoint Management Shell and choose to Run as Administrator.
Type the following cmdlet:
$cred = Get-Credential
When you get a prompt, type in the local account you made <computer name>\spfarm and enter the password.
Now type the cmdlet:
New-SPManagedAccount –Credential $cred
In Central Admin > Security > Configure Managed Accounts. You will see your newly added account.
Update Farm Account
Run Command Prompt (CMD) as admin.

Navigate to the BIN folder by typing the following two lines:
cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN
STSADM.EXE -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin "<computer name>\spfarm" -password "<password>" 

Reset IIS
Run following command in CMD (as administrator - you should still have this window open from before):
iisreset /noforce

Configure App Pools
Open IIS. Change Identity of the highlighted app pools below to the <computer name>\spfarm account.

Configure Services Account
Go to Services. Update or verify the following services are using the spfarm account. To update, right click the service and choose properties > Log On tab > Browse. Enter <computer name>\spfarm and click Check Names. Enter password. Apply, OK.
  • AppFabric Caching Service
  • SharePoint Search Host Controller
  • SharePoint Server Search 15
  • SharePoint Timer Service
  • SharePoint User Code Host
Restart each service.
Reset IIS
Run cmd prompt as administrator (switch back to CMD) and type the following command:
iisreset /noforce

Update Search Service App
In CA, go to Manage Service Applications > Search Service Application. Click on the Default content access account link.

Change the Default content access account to new spfarm account: <computer name>\spfarm

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