Sunday, February 8, 2015

SharePoint 2013 ISO Install

Below are the steps to install SharePoint 2013 from the ISO. I've kept the steps very simple and limited only to the actual install of SharePoint 2013 using NTLM. All the items that are in italics are personal choice for the installer. I left in the details as examples.
  1. Install SharePoint first on the Central Admin server
  2. Choose Setup from SharePoint ISO and use the Config Wizard 
  3. Create a new Complete Server Farm
  4. SQL info
    1.  Enter SQL alias name SQL (see Set Up a SQL Alias for SharePoint 2013)
  5. Enter the configuration database name SP2013_Config
  6. Enter your farm service account DOMAIN\sp_farm
  7. Enter the farm account's password
  8. Enter a Passphrase ThisIsMyPassphrase
  9. Choose a port or leave the entry selected for you.
  10. NTLM
  11. When Central Admin opens on the server, choose No I will configure myself.**
  12. If you have a multi-server farm, then on all remaining servers
    1. Install SharePoint and go through the Config Wizard.
    2. Use passphrase to connect to farm
** If you are creating a development box, you can allow the wizard to set up the services you want to use to make it easy on yourself. Just depends on your preference. You can select to configure your own services if you want. The bare bones services to select are:
  • State Service
  • Usage and Health Data Collection
  • Managed Meta Data
  • Search
That's it. It's pretty easy to actually install SharePoint 2013. The hardest part is actually getting everything ready for the install.


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