Sunday, February 1, 2015

Set Up a SQL Alias for SharePoint 2013

When I build all my SharePoint farms, I always set up a SQL alias. A SQL alias is similar to setting a host file in that you provide a name for your SQL instance and then you can change the actual source of that instance to anything. This is helpful if your SQL has to change servers for any reason. Your install will use your alias pointed to wherever you set it.

This works for both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010.

To set up a SQL alias, simply go to your start icon and choose the Run program. Type in cliconfg and OK. Cliconfg pops up.
On the General tab, enable TCP/IP. Switch to the Alias tab. Select the TCP/IP radio button and in the ALIAS text field type the name you want to use for your SQL. I usually just use SQL. In the Server Name field, type the actual name of your SQL SharePoint server.
When you create your SharePoint farm and the install asks you for your SQL name, all you have to do is enter SQL (or whatever name you used). Now you can change the SQL source anytime you need to without affecting your farm.


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