Sunday, January 4, 2015

SharePoint 2013 Farm Prep Checklist

I’ve built a few SharePoint farms now. My memory is not the best so I put together this checklist to help me remember what I need to do even before I install SharePoint. There's lots to do before you can even think about installing SharePoint. Plus, depending upon your company structure, you may need help from many different teams that handle Exchange, Firewall, Database, DNS, and System Administration.

Below is the list I put together of things to do to build a production install of SharePoint. It suits my needs for my environments. Use it as a starting point. You can add steps or remove them depending upon your situation. If you have any suggestions on items to add, please comment below. I've  listed SharePoint 2013 for this list, but really this list translates well to any version of SharePoint.

Service Accounts


To add users to local administrators, open up Server Manager > Configuration > Local Users and Groups > Groups > Admins.

NOTE you can do this all from one server. Right click on server name in server manager and choose Connect to...


ISO Files

  • Obtain SharePoint 2013 ISO
  • Obtain SQL Server 2012 ISO
  • Copy  SharePoint ISO to all servers to an external drive in a folder called install\SharePoint


  • Copy the following important windows server 2008 R2 updates to an external drive folder called install\WindowsUpdates
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
      • The SharePoint parsing process crashes in Windows Server 2008 R2 (KB 2554876)
      • FIX: IIS 7.5 configurations are not updated when you use the ServerManager class to commit configuration changes (KB 2708075)
      • Hotfix: ASP.NET (SharePoint) race condition in .NET 4.5 RTM - Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (KB 2759112)
    • Windows Server 2012  (KB 2765317



  • Load balanced VIP needed between External WFEs
  • Load balanced VIP needed between Internal WFEs
  • Hostname required for MySites (CNAME). Must have this for User Profile service!!
  • Hostname for website via CNAME


  • Make sure parallelization is set to 1
  • Set ram to max allowed
  • Set model db to simple in TEST only
  • Give sp_install account public, dbcreator, and securityadmin SQL roles


  • Add external WFEs to whitelist for SMTP server
  • Add internal WFEs to whitelist for SMTP server


  1. Since SP1 was released, are the 2008 R2 prerequisites still necessary?

    1. Yes, the updates for 2008 R2 are specific to the Operating System (OS). SP1 for SharePoint doesn't cover OS updates.

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