Saturday, December 6, 2014

Properly Stop and Start FAST Search for SharePoint 2010

You may have come across the command "nctrl stop" and "nctrl start" to stop and start FAST search. This command is generally better used for small environments. For larger, multi-server environments a more sequential shut down should be used to prevent errors. Here are the proper steps to stop and start the FAST search indexer. Use FAST Search Powershell and run as administrator.

To stop, follow the following process:
  1. Stop all crawls and ensure none will try to start.
  2. nctrl stop contentdistributor
  3. nctrl stop procserver_1
  4. nctrl stop qrserver
  5. indexeradmin -a suspendindexing
  6. Watch the fixmlindex process under Services for each partition. Give it about 5 minutes to settle into an idle. It won't fully stop.
  7. nctrl stop indexer
  8. nctrl stop search-1
  9. nctrl stop
To start, run the process in reverse:
  1. nctrl start
  2. nctrl start contentdistributor
  3. nctrl start procserver_1
  4. nctrl start qrserver
  5. nctrl start indexer
  6. nctrl start search-1
You can check the status periodically by using the command:
nctrl status



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