Sunday, December 21, 2014

Large Sprel Log FAST Search SharePoint 2010

I had an issue where my FAST server was constantly running with high processor utilization for sprel.exe. Additionally, I had run out of space on my C: drive on the server where my FAST index was. I used the tool called SpaceMonger to determine what was taking up so much space on my drive. Turns out my sprel log file was enormous.

I performed the following steps to get the sprel file and process back in order:
  1. Stop the FAST search service (see Properly Stop and Start FAST Search for SharePoint 2010).
  2. Delete the sprel file at C:\FASTSearch\var\log\sprel.
  3. Started the FAST search service
  4. Run the following in FAST Search Management Shell:
  5. nctrl stop sprel
    nctrl start sprel
  6. Check the log files in: C:\FASTSearch\var\log\sprel and verify the new file created.
This solved my space and runaway service issue.

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