Sunday, December 14, 2014

Clear People Search Index in FAST SharePoint 2010

When you install FAST Search in SharePoint 2010, you get two main connectors: FAST Search Connector SSA and FAST Search Query SSA. The first is used for indexing your site contents. The latter is for your people search.

Every so often you may need to reset these indexes. If you need to clear the index for the FAST Search Connector SSA, you can find the directions for that on my post Stuck Index for FAST Search in SharePoint 2010. The directions just for resetting the index are at the bottom of the post.

Stop Crawls

Before you do this, make sure you stop any crawls on your People Content Source. You can find this by going to Central Administration > Manage Service Applications > click on FAST Search Query SSA. Click on Content Sources in the left navigation under the Crawling section. Then use the dropdown menu to stop a crawl if it is running. If a crawl is scheduled to run soon, you may want to edit the content source and set the crawl schedule to none so it doesn't interrupt your index reset.

Reset People Index

Resetting the index for People is very easy. Go to Central Administration > Manage Service Applications > and click on FAST Search Query SSA. In the left navigation under Crawling, look for the link Reset Index. Click on this link and then click the "Reset Now" button. When you click this, you will reset the People index. There will be no search results for People search so make sure you do this during an off-hours time in a production environment.

Crawl Content Source

Then click on Content Sources and choose to do a Full Crawl on your People content source. If you have a lot of profiles, it may take a while to crawl. Search results will show up as they are crawled.

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