Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Life In Web Design

So I’ve done some thinking and decided that I need to take a turn in my blog. You see, I write a blog for web design at my job also, and I thought I could just repurpose the content here too. Well, I’m beginning to think that not all the things I write about at work will be pertinent here. For work, I do a lot of research so that executives can better make decisions around the web space. Therefore, I have to find information that is reliable and from a trustworthy source, so I cite where I get all my information. Apparently, on this blog though, linking to too many outside sites triggers the spam flag. Geesh! So I’ve decided to turn this blog into a more “personal experience” in web design diary.

My background is a very corporate one. So my design and theories are more conservative and focus on end-user experience and professionalism. I think there are a lot of great designers out there, with seemingly limitless creativity. I’ve been designing for the corporate world for eight years now, so over time I have become less of a risk taker with a utilitarian approach to the web. I hope to offer a perspective into this corporate aspect. I think it’s a quieter and somewhat darker side of the web. The reality side where marketing dictates the amount of ethnicity that can be portrayed in photos, or trying to come up with a good way to place the same exact button to the same exact place in four different places on your home page because a VP wants it that way, or trying to find the exact shade of red another VP wants who changes his mind about it every other day. This is the extent of my adventures. This is my life in web design.

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